Future City Istanbul

City Design Through Design Intelligence (ciddi)


Principal Investigator: Imdat As 

Project Duration: Jan 2020 - Jan 2023

Funding: TUBITAK (Turkish Scientific Research Council) Grant

Ph.D. Students: 5

Researchers: 2

Status: Ongoing

WEBSITE: ciddi.itu.edu.tr



This project is to establish a “City Development through Design Intelligence” (CIDDI) research team, to explore the development of future cities. The project is jointly supported by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology, and the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. We are investigating cutting-edge methods and technologies in architecture, city planning and urban design that will shape the design of urban environments. The questions are: How will the application of AI, IoT, automation, smart and green technologies shape future societies and the morphology of our built environment? We are working on a concrete site in Istanbul, which is approximately 8.2 km2 and will potentially house 500,000 new inhabitants. CIDDI will become an applied research laboratory that leverages crowdsourcing, i.e. new methods and techniques in citizen science and participation, in order to:

1- Explore new practice models that shape future city form,

2- Incubate creative start-ups that innovate in the construction/design space,

3- Develop new applications that engage citizens in planning, design and services; fostering a vision for direct, transparent and democratic governance of future cities.

We are an interdisciplinary research team hat investigate land-use planning, transportation planning, ecology, sociology and economy as it relates to urban design, and deal with city development at the a. territorial scale looking into Istanbul and its’ wider hinterland, b. the district level at Esenler, and c. the individual building level. Thus, we aim to explore new visionary technologies that tap into the power of crowd wisdom and collective design intelligence, in order to generate city form, govern planning decisions, and incubate start-ups relevant to the construction industry.


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