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Smart City Data Center
Location: Esenler, Istanbul
Arch. Imdat As

Year: 2021

The Smart City Data Center is a re-purposing project of an existing two-storey community building into a state-of-the-art data center. It will house technology infrastructure to monitor the smart city of Esenler. The exterior design acts as an interface between the city and its citizens, visualizing city data in interesting and unprecedented ways. The play with transparent screens in the envelop system, symbolizes a transparent and democratic city, where data is utilized for innovation, participation, and the betterment of society.

Keywords: Data Center, Esenler Teknopark, Future City

Team: Asude Kösebaş, Doğa Tüven, Hilal Yazar, Hülya Sacin, Kübra Karaca, Mert Ciğizoğlu, Özge Börekçi, Rümeysa Çicek, Süheyla Turan


The City of Esenler, Istanbul

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