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Esenler Teknopark South
Location: Esenler, Istanbul
Arch. Imdat As
Year: 2020

This techno-park building is the "lighthouse" gateway edifice in the southern part of the Future City project in Esenler, Istanbul. It consists of a science center, various thematic galleries, an incubator, a library and a landmark tower (51.5m high) that houses a planetarium and a viewing platform on the top. The design is based on the Turkish "karniyarik" approach, where major functions are placed around a central core, the "hayat," which constitutes the common space facilitating main activities in the building. The total area is 25,000 sqm. 

Keywords: Teknopark, Science Center, Library, Incubator, Planetarium


Anton Reznikov, Asude Kosebas, Mehmet Onur Senem

Project Architects: 

Erhan Ergul Mimarlik & Muhendislik, Istanbul


Esenler Teknopark TGB A.Ş.

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