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Central Mosque, Southern Reserve Area
Location: Esenler, Istanbul
Arch. Imdat As
Year: 2020

The project is the central mosque of the southern reserve area in the future city project in Esenler, Istanbul. The project is an interpretation of the mosque typology and facilitates the traditional ritual of Islam in the 21st century. It consists of a courtyard with an ablution fountain, that leads to the last-comers area and main prayer hall. The qibla hall is transparent and opens to an infinite view of the main park area of the city. The roofscape of the mosque is walkable and allows visitors to experience smart city applications as they relate to sustainability, such as green roofs, wind and solar power generation, etc. The tower of the neighboring "Esenler Teknopark" building acts as a minaret during call for prayers, where the muezzin is projected live onto the electronic screen. This allows people in the immediate context, whether they are in the city square or driving on the the main road, to see the muezzin and hear the call for prayer. The mosque can house about 6,000 mosque-goers, and the total area of the prayer space is 4,150 sqm. 

Keywords: Mosque Typology, Sustainability, Prayer Space.


The City of Esenler, Istanbul

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